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MahaJobs Portal

Information: Mahajobs portal is the program of the link between workers and entrepreneurs of the year 2020. In this program, maximum employment has been provided to the unemployed youth in the state of Maharashtra and the migration of workers from the company in the state of Maharashtra has taken place in the global crisis of Kovid 19. mahajobs portal registration.

But now the situation is improving and criticism is available. The Maha Job Portal initiative is aimed at proving the local labor force in the industries of Maharashtra and bridging the gap between the demand for manpower and entrepreneurs.

This initiative / program of the Government of Maharashtra to overcome the global crisis of Kovid-19 is indeed a very beautiful initiative. Respect to the state government for this.

!! Jai Maharashtra !!

Mahajobs portal Registration How to register Mahajobs portal| Mahajobs portal 2020 is the official website of MahaJobs Portal. You can register Sudha from your mobile very easily. Click on the Mahajobs link. You have reached the official website.

1. Now you click on this button to find a job finder, next to your job finder registration Jobseeker Registration form will appear. Where the red color * sign indicates that this filling is mandatory.

2. Write your full name. Do you have Maharashtra State Residence Certificate? The question is, if the domicile certificate is not very important, then you should remove it because workers in the state of Maharashtra are the first priority. Mobile number for further verification Mobile No and Email ID | There are two options like Email id. The option of is inevitable. How to get OTP. maha jobs portal Your mobile no. Write, now you need a 6 digit verification c0de mobile no. Mobile number OTP as OTP Mobile No. Put OTP in this box. And click on the OTP Verify button.

You can complete your verification by entering the E-Mail ID in the same way. The advantage of this is that you can use your e-mail id as a username as you can receive emails as job notifications.

But you can also work with one option. Next new password | New password and confirm the password Confirm password is New password.

Enter the password in it for example ganesh @ 03 and then enter the same password ganesh @ 03 in Confirm password. Next there is an option as Captcha in the box which no. As given, no. Write in the blank box. And click on the Register button.

Now you will receive an SMS on your mobile and your registration no. Will be given because your User Id is your email id or mobile no. Enter your password and log in to your majob portal account. Maha Job Portal Login mahajobs portal

3. Profile photo format: jpg, jpeg, png upto should be less than 2mb in size as it does not take more than that. Click on choose file button Select your photo Click on upload photo option button Upload photo. And for the biodata, click on the choose file button and select your biodata in PDF format. Once selected, it will be uploaded.

Then click on your Personal Information ad / edit button. Fill in your Mo.No. You have already filled in. Now if you have any email id, date of birth, gender, marriage information, skill type certificate, write PAN, Domicile Certificate Number, Domicile Certificate Issuance Date etc. without missing the details. And click on the SUBMIT button.

MahaJobs Portal Information

4. Click on the ad/edit button. Enter your current address. Type the state, district, taluka, village, pincode properly and click on the SUBMIT button. maha jobs portal information.

5. Click on the ad/edit button. Enter the permanent address. Type the state, district, taluka, village, pincode properly and click on the SUBMIT button.

6.Click on 6ad / edit button..Education Details: Add higher education qualification, passing year, subject, percentage and click on SUBMIT button.

7. If you have work experience, write it down.

8. Skill Details If there is any skill certificate, enter it. Because it will come in handy later.

9. Click on the add / edit button. Select the language knowledge and click on the Read, Write, Speak check box. And click on the SUBMIT button. If Marathi language is coming, more priority will be given because local workers will take more.

10. If you want to work in any place in Maharashtra, click on the check box next to Ready to work in all districts of Maharashtra if you want to work anywhere in Maharashtra.

Or you can go to your favorite district 1,2,3. You may prefer that. And click on the SUBMIT button.

11. Upload Documents Domicile Certificate Education Certificate Skill Certificate Upload all these PDFs to PDF. Because the other format is not accepted.